Turkey Tail – 30ml

29,95 incl. vat

This is powerful liquid Turkey Tail extract is a strong concentrate of the fruiting bodies of the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom and one of our favorites! The extract is available in 3 different amounts. Select the appropriate amount for you when making your choice. For thousands of years, ‘Turkey Tail’ has been praised in the East. This mushroom is highly regarded in Japan, China and the rest of Asia, where it is traditionally consumed mainly in tea. When you look at the fruiting body of Turkey Tail, it looks suspiciously like the, you guessed it, turkey tail! This species grows mainly on broken branches and stumps from the forest from which it feeds and takes care of the decomposition process. This Turkey Tail liquid extract, like all products, is made from the fruiting bodies of this special mushroom. We do not use the mycelium which is grown on grain. In this way we can offer you an honest, powerful and pure product. We think exactly what you deserve! In addition, all our extracts, and therefore also the Turkey Tail liquid extract, are standardized at no less than 30% polysaccharides!