Greengo Tobacco Substitute 1 x 30 gram

Greengo Tobacco Substitute 1 x 30 gram...


CannaPower CBD Shot 25 mg

CannaPower CBD Shot 25 mg. Also available in 50 mg and 100 mg...


E-njoint Disposable

Gathering with friends, socializing in cafes and bars, enjoying a water pipe like experience in a healthy way. The E-njoint™ is the latest trend on the market....


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Whether you are looking for fresh magic truffles for an intense, euphoric experience, liquid-xtc for an energy boost, or herbs to intensify your sex life: Tatanka has it! The great thing is that Tatanka is not just a place where you walk in to buy psychoactive products, but you can also get clear information here. And that’s exactly what makes Tatanka conspicuously different. The people who work in this smartshop will never run you around in circles, and you can therefore rely on them for honest and expert advice. Our stores are located in city centre of Amsterdam.: TATANKA AMSTERDAM Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 151A, 1017 PZ Amsterdam / Halvemaansteeg 12, 1017 CR Amsterdam / Staalstraat 5, 1011 JJ Amsterdam