Tatanka x Headshop x Smartific

The Tatanka stores are well known in Europe. But did you know that besides our 2 Tatanka locations in Amsterdam, The Headshop is also part of our family? Make sure to check it out!

Because not everyone is able to visit us in our lovely city, we are always finding ways to facilitate you wherever you are in Europe. We have joined forces with one of the best European webshops for head- and smartshop products: Smartific. This Holland based online store has an incredible amount of products, knowledge and experience regarding the smartshop market. Together we are able to deliver the best possible service throughout all of Europe.

Smartific is one of the Dutch market leaders and is specialised in all kinds of products. They also focus on giving clear information about all products. Their immersive informational articles are very thorough and impressive. Before using smartshop products we definitely recommend reading into the subject. The Smartific knowledge bank is the perfect tool to do so.

Our shared knowledge comes in quite handy in our Amsterdam based smartshops. When giving you advice, our highly experienced crew can use even more information than they already had. And because of our alliance we are also able to help you out with a live chat service. Any questions during the day? We are happy to answer all of them on the fly!

Got curious about Smartific? Take a look at their Dutch website: or for the rest of Europe: And don’t forget The incredible Headshop:

Tatanka x X

Our Tatanka stores are filled with great smartshop products. Probably the most popular of these products are Magic Truffles and mushroom grow kits. We have set up a collaboration with the online Magic Truffle experts of They are fully specialized in psilocybin containing products. Together we use our knowledge and research results to give you as a customer the best possible experience. Take a look at their website:

They also have a great website dedicated to magic mushroom grow kits. You can find their special mushroom shop here:

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