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We have two Headshop and Smartshop stores in Amsterdam, where all the products we sell are completely legal! Be it magic truffles, cannabis seeds or party pills. We sell them every day in our Amsterdam stores to thousands of locals and tourists! Now, you can order all those products online!

We have the best brands and products in our smartshop stores, so you can always find what you’re looking for. Want to know more about what you can buy from us? Here are all the best products people buy from Tatanka every day!

Rolling Papers

We have all the most popular rolling paper brands like RAW or Rizla. We also pack every possible size or rolling paper type in our rolling paper shop! We have small cigarette rolling papers, king size rolling papers, slim joint papers and even hemp or rice rolling papers. Oh we even have transparent cellulose papers or even colorful joint rolling supplies! We also have rolling machines and filter tips to make sure that your joint is perfect!

Cannabis Grinders

Before you start thinking about joint rolling machines. You need the best weed grinder you can find online! We even carry kief grinders or pollen collectors! Single chamber? 3 part grinder? Each and every marijuana grinder type can be bought in our online headshop!


Want to weigh your cannabis buds? Or any other substance? You need a good set of portable scale! We have them in our online headshop! We carry pocket scales, digital scales and more! Any small-scale object or powder can be accurately weighed on the go. We even have shockproof scales that break really hard. Everyone will find the perfect pocket scale for them.

Rolling Trays

Cannabis rolling can be messy, while you also can waste a lot of precious weed particles around the house. Rolling trays will put an end for that! Buy a rolling tray and you can easily roll your joints in it with less mess around the house. It will save you some precious weed and make your joint look professional! We have many different sizes, from small travel trays to large ones that can hold plenty of cannabis.

Magic Mushrooms

Want to grow magic mushrooms? To have a steady supply of dried magic mushrooms at home you need a magic mushroom growing kit! The kit will include everything you need to grow your own mushrooms, including the spores and growing medium. You can also buy magic mushroom grow kits that come with instructions, so you won’t have to worry about growing them from scratch. We offer many different varieties of magic mushroom growing kits in different sizes and prices.

Magic Truffles

Don’t want to grow anything, but still want to try magic mushrooms? Try magic truffles! Same effects, same psychoactive substances and they come ready to eat so just open the bag and start tripping balls! We offer many different varieties of magic truffles in different pack sizes, strengths and prices. We have quite a few different strains of magic truffles to choose from including classics like:

  • Atlantis
  • Dragon’s Dynamite
  • High Hawaiians

Psychedelics Online

Looking for other types of psychedelics? Going to trance festival? Want some meditation enhancers? Want to try Salvia? Our online smartshop sells many different psychoactive substances so everyone will find their perfect one! We have the best selection of legal highs (all of them legal in the Netherlands!), psychedelics and other psychoactive substances in our online smartshop

Microdosing Kits

Want to try microdosing on psilocybin? Came to the right shop! Our online smartshop sells the best microdosing kits. We have different types of psilocybin truffles you can microdose with, as well as all types of tools (like microdosing capsules, growing kits or scales). Get tom try what the hype is about with the highest quality microdosing products on your own!

Stimulant Party Pills

Need some energy, speed, ecstasy, euphoria, love or trippy vibes in your next party? We have an assortment of legal high party pills that can deliver on all that! The best legal stimulants, party pills and psychedelics in one place! Our online smartshop is the number one place to buy legal Amsterdam drugs. We sell them in our stores since the 90s and always know all the best stuff you can buy legally in the Netherlands!


Kanna is one of those ancient herbs, that is getting more and more popular every year. Because of it’s natural energetic effects it is loved by many! Kanna is a beautiful, natural herb that can be used in many ways. You can chew it like gum, smoke it or make tea out of it! It has a very mild effect on the body, but gives you a nice boost of energy and focus! Buy Sceletium Tortuosum also known as kanna is something that everyone needs to try.


Pills and herbs that make you more focused? Why not? Nootropics are the future of mental performance, and we have everything you need to get started. We have an extensive selection of natural nootropic supplements that will help you focus, stay motivated and perform better in school or at work.

Mescaline (Cactus)

Want to grow or use mescaline? You will need San Pedro or Peyote Cactus! We have everything you need to grow these amazing plants and make mescaline. We also have the best price on the internet for already grown San Pedro and Peyote Cactus! Want to grow cactuses? Doesn’t matter if it’s Peyote seeds or San Pedro seeds, we have them as well!


What’s the ultimate herb and powder that can make anyone relax? Kratom! Those who need a steady supply of Kratom, our online smartshop have you covered! We have the best Kratom for sale. We offer only the best quality Kratom, sourced from the best growers to ensure that you get the best product!

Kratom is a leaf from a tree in Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries as a natural medicine. This amazing herb has many uses, and it can help with relaxation, pain relief and even addiction treatment! You will definitely find the best Kratom for sale at our online smartshop.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Want to grow a big and healthy cannabis plant at home? Then you need to buy feminized cannabis seeds. You will be able to find the best quality seeds at our online smartshop, and they are very affordable! We have all different strains of cannabis, so you can choose the one that is right for your needs and preferences.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Want to be more discrete about your cannabis growing hobby or maybe want cannabis plants that grow faster and smaller? Then you need to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds. These are seeds that will grow into a plant that starts flowering automatically when it reaches the right age. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for growing indoors or outdoors in any kind of climate and soil!

American Cannabis Seeds (In Europe!)

What if you seek the strongest, most potent, ultra high THC weed? Then you need to buy American cannabis strains. Which usually means intense smoking experience, due to high THC levels in these cannabis strains!

These are the most popular and best selling cannabis seeds in the world. And for good reason, too! American cannabis strains have been cultivated over many generations by growers who know what they are doing. They have perfected their craft and produced some of the most potent and high THC strains on the market today.

Sex Smartshop Products

Our sex shop has a wide range of products to make your love life more exciting. In our Amsterdam store, you can find all kinds of sex supplements for men, women and couples! Think aphrodisiacs like sex pills or Spanish fly. Think damiana or popper! Think Camagra or Venicon. Think party shots that will make you horny!


Leading a healthy lifestyle? Then you should look into buying Superfoods. These are the very best in the world of nutrition. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and will help keep you healthy and strong. We are proud with our unique selection of different superfoods and other dietary supplements that you can only buy in Smartshops!

Recovery and Detox Supplements

Had a big party? Having troubles on your blue monday? We have things that can help you with after party depression! We have Recovery and Detox Supplements that will help you to get over your hangover, the next day. If you’re looking for something more than just a headache tablet or some vitamins, then look no further! With our wide selection of high quality products we are sure that there is something for every party animal out there.

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