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Rolling trays are a true smoking essential for everyone that wants to keep their “workplace” nice and tidy. These trays are available in different sizes and catch everything that falls out your joint while rolling. You can also use it to keep all your supplies together. Check out all available products in our webshop.

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No more mess when rolling your joints or preparing your next bong hit! Stay clean and tidy with a fun weed rolling tray. All your smoking supplies will fit here, so as all the bits and pieces of weed that you might lose otherwise.

Weed Joint Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a must-have for any smoker who wants to get the most out of their weed rolling experience. They’re a great way to keep all your smoking supplies organized when you are not using them and ready to go, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing those little things that are so easy to lose when you’re stoned.

Rolling trays are also useful for keeping all the bits of weed or tobacco mix on the table, that would otherwise get lost in the carpet or furniture.

What is a cannabis rolling tray?

Rolling trays are small carrying trays with raised edges that you can use to roll your joints. They keep the table clean and store cannabis products such as rolling papers, grinders and tips within reach—which is very convenient!

Get your clutter off the kitchen or living room table. No more paper rolling trays!

You can simply put the weed that has fallen out of your joint back inside. The raised edges keep everything neat and clean.

Rolling trays are also great for holding your rolling papers, tips and grinders. This way, you will always have everything to hand when you need to roll a joint.

Best Cannabis Smoker Present!

Rolling trays are a great gift idea for cannabis smokers. You can buy them in different sizes, shapes and designs. They’re suitable for both beginners and experienced stoners.

The best thing about these rolling trays is that they’re really easy to use. You can just throw them in your bag and take them with you wherever you go. No more messy tables!

Rolling Tray Shop

Tatanka smartshop is a great place to find your next rolling tray for cannabis smoking. We are a well-known  Amsterdam headshop that has been open since the 90s. Our shop sells all kinds of smoking accessories including rolling papers, grinders, scales, pipes and joint rollers.

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