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Jumbo is one of Holland’s premium smoking accessories producers. This great company is know for its unparalleled price-quality ratio. Expect all the top quality smoking supplies you need for the most competitive price.

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Buy Jumbo Smoking Products

Jumbo rolling papers and other smoking supplies are here to make your life easier.

They come in four different colors: pink, green, blue and regular. If that's not enough variety for you, Jumbo also offers classic paper sizes, so be ready for king size and slim sizes!

Pink Papers

These pink papers will make you feel like a princess. They're soft, smooth, and easy to roll with. Perfect for beginners!

Green Papers

Green is the color of nature, and these green rolling papers will make you feel like you're at one with nature when you're smoking through them.

Blue Papers

Blue is the color of the sky—and these blue rolling papers will help you feel like you're floating on clouds when they're slowly burning in your hand while you're smoking. They burn evenly and consistently and are easy to roll with!

Jumbo Rolling Papers and Tips

Jumbo tips are perfect if you want to get creative with your rolling paper technique (or if you just want something fun). They have a wide opening so that it's easy to put tobacco in them, but they still have that classic Jumbo size we all know and love!

King size papers are great if you need something big enough for those big fat joints that everyone loves so much!

Jumbo rolling papers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get their smoking on. With these papers, you can roll up a huge joint with style!

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