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Welcome to the best trippy pills from the Netherlands. These herbal solutions are the next big thing. These trippy pills have the best ingredients and formula available!

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Buy Psychedelic Pills Online

Searching the web for something unique and at the same time, legal can take ages. And taking psychedelics is no joke!

Why would you want to search for illegal psychedelics when everything is so complicated anyway?

Here you can find a list of all the most legal, high-quality dutch psychedelic party pills you can buy online.

Pills for Trans Festivals

You can't get quality psychedelic pills because of the lack of them in your city, as well as the lack of trust towards vendors.

But you can order trippy party supplements for your fest from one of the most trusted Smartshops in Amsterdam!

LSD and 2CB Herbal Alternatives

Buying acid or 2cb is illegal and can be dangerous. Instead, buy some magic truffles or get some trippy party pills. 

Psychedelics are regulated in the Netherlands so you can have some of the best trips and enjoy them knowing that you are being as responsible and safe as you can be!

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