Pink Papers

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Can we get a hell yeah!? Pink rolling papers are on fire! These pink papers are very populair and continuously sold out. Be sure to get some when they are in stock. We got a few in our assortment so be sure to check them out.

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Pink Rolling Paper Shop

We have a wide selection of pink rolling papers for you to use when you roll your extra stylish joints or cigarettes.

Pink is one of the most popular cheeky colors in the world, so it's no wonder so many people love to roll their joints in pink. It's fun, fashionable, and makes you feel good about yourself while you're smoking.

Roll Pink Joints

Our pink rolling papers are available in different sizes and shapes, so whether you prefer a slim joint or a fat one, we've got something for you. Pink joints and pink rolling tips are loved by the ladies, but also enjoyed by anyone who are bored with old white or brown joint colors!

There are other types of color papers if you don't like pink papers:

Buy Pink Papers for Cigarettes or Weed Joints

Buy pink rolling papers from Tatanka Headshop. We are one of the leading Smartshops in Amsterdam, that ships most of our products all over Europe! This means everyone can enjoy rolling pink joints and we also have the same color rolling tips to match your pink paper color!

Be sure to also check out our cannabis grinders, weed joint rolling trays, rolling papers, or other smartshop products we offer on our webshop.

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