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RAW is one of the most famous smoke supply companies in the world. Their gear is produced in Spain and made from the best materials. The biggest collection of RAW Rolling papers and more can be ordered straight from our webshop. Absolutely RAWthentic!

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Buy RAW Rolling Papers

RAW rolling papers are for the experienced smoking connoisseur. Whether you're looking for hemp papers, classic papers, tips, king size papers or slim papers, RAW has it all.

We're all about doing things our way, and that means rolling up our own smokes. But we don't want to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. That's why we love RAW rolling papers!

Raw Shop

RAW is all about hemp and classic paper options, plus tips and king-size papers. Their slim papers are made in that most popular rolling paper size that every smoker in the world knows and loves!

RAW rolling papers are the perfect combination of quality, artistry and affordability.

Their hemp papers are made from natural cannabis hemp fibers and are food-grade safe, so you can rest easy knowing that your smoke is as pure as it gets.

RAW classic papers have a textured criss-cross watermark surface that's will burn amazingly smoothly and evenly.

RAW tips come in a variety of sizes to fit any smoker's needs, whether you're looking for a slim king size paper or something more substantial. And RAW king size papers are perfect for smokers who want to roll their own thick joints.

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