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A good filter can give your smoking experience a boost. With a filter you can replace your paper card rolling tip. This won’t effect the taste of your joint to much, but it will definitely keep more bad stuff out of your body.

1,4524,95 incl. vat
1,4524,95 incl. vat

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Smoking filters are an easy way to protect your lungs and make your cannabis experience more enjoyable.

Smoking filters can be used to reduce the harshness of your smoke, which makes smoking more pleasant and minimizes coughing. They also can help to prevent tobacco from damaging your mouth and throat, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Weed Joint Filters

Smoking filters also make it easier to smoke joints or cigarettes, as they keep the tobacco from falling out of the cigarette paper.

Adding a filter can give you a smoother hit and help you avoid burning yourself, which is especially important for new smokers who may not know how much heat their hands can take before getting burned by hot ash.

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