Joint Roller

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Want a good joint roller that will make it easier to roll your joints? Tatanka offers a selection of easy-to-use weed rolling machines, also known as joint rollers. Simply add your king site rolling paper, put your weed tobacco mix in and the machine will roll your joint for you. Simply lick it, take it out and blaze your joint! With joint rollers, rolling joints has never been easier!

Buy Joint Rollers Online

Tatanka specializes in smoking supplies and headshop items, so you know that our joint-rolling device collection has everything any stoner might need to roll perfect joints. Tatanka headshop and smarthop is one of the best stores in Amsterdam, we also ship everything online. Discretely and all over europe! Buy your joint roller and get it delivered to your house!

Cigarette Rolling Machines

Joint rollers are different from cigarette rollers because joint papers are different in size, they are usually king size or king size slim. Cigarette rollers are smaller and can be used only with a spliff or simple shag tobacco rolling papers. Our joint rollers match the size of all classic weed rolling papers!

Cannabis Joint Rolling Machine

Wanna smoke weed, but don’t know how to roll your joint? Joint roller is a special cannabis “cigarette” rolling device that allows anybody roll a perfect joint. As long as you have a tip and some papers. Joint rolling machines are easy to use and can be used even by those, who never rolled a joint before. 

Blunt Rollers

Those who tried to roll a blunt know, that it’s harder than it looks. That’s why some stoners use joint rollers to roll their blunts. Does this make it a blunt roller? Even though these machines are not specifically designed as a blunt roller, they might work, so give it a try!

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