About us

Tatanka shop in Amsterdam  Those who would prefer an unadulterated "Amsterdam experience" cannot go past the smartshop Tatanka. Tatanka is a Native American Indian word that means buffalo, a totem animal with the ability to guide people towards a strong and independent spirit. And in fact, that’s precisely the mission of the Tatanka Smartshop, and it is not for nothing that an atmosphere of openness and tolerance is keenly felt in our clean and tidy shop.


Whether you are looking for fresh magic truffles for an intense, euphoric experience, liquid-xtc for an energy boost, or herbs to intensify your sex life: Tatanka has it!
The great thing is that Tatanka is not just a place where you walk in to buy psychoactive products, but you can also get clear information here. And that’s exactly what makes Tatanka conspicuously different. Our team will never run you around in circles, and you can therefore rely on us for honest and expert advice. You’ll be fine here if you want to know what the effect of a product has on your mind and what influence it might have on your feelings and your behaviour.
Currently found a medium that suits you? Want to be recommended a combination? We’ll take the time for you at Tanaka. Of course, this is also the perfect place for all sorts of other smart products, quality, high value cannabis seeds, materials to make vitamin capsules, water pipes, vaporisers, tissue paper, sustainable clothing and so much more. You are very welcome in the shop.


No time to stay and you have to rush out the door? Or are you abroad? Our webshop, www.tatanka.nl , has also a very extensive range which is constantly renewed.


K.v.k.: 09163273 -  btwNr: NL816973830B01