Beginner Magic Truffles

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Looking for light effect, beginner-friendly magic truffle? We recommend choosing between Atlantis and Mexican magic truffles. Atlantis magic truffle is the best beginner truffle for everyone and choose Mexicana if you are looking for a milder experience.

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Buy Beginner Magic Truffles

Looking for the best psilocybin magic truffles for your first magic truffle trip? Tatanka Smartshop can help you with that! 

We have been selling magic truffles in Amsterdam since the early 90's so you know our beginner truffle selection is the best online! Here are a few Philosopher's Stones you should consider for your first tripping experience!

Best Magic Truffles for First Trip

We recommend three different magic truffles if this is your first magic truffle trip. For the best psychedelic experience all these three will work, but make sure you read about all three beginner magic truffle strains before you choose the right one.

Atlantis Magic Truffles

Best beginner magic truffle for anyone. Atlantis magic truffle strain is in that lower middle strength of the psilocybin truffle spectrum. 

Expect enough visuals, giggles, good vibes, and other magic truffles that all beginners need to experience. Recommended Atlantis magic truffle dose for beginners is 7-15 grams. 

Dragon's Dynamite Magic Truffles

For experienced psychedelics users that just never tried magic truffles before, we recommend Dragon's Dynamite psilocybin truffle. Don't choose this truffle if you have no experience with other psychedelics like LSD, DMT, or Ayahuasca.

Only for experienced psychonauts that know they don't need a medium-strength magic truffle - choose the strong Dragon's Dynamite. 

Mexicana Magic Truffles

For those who are a bit scared or anxious about their first-ever magic truffle trip, we recommend Mexicana magic truffle. It might not have the most visuals, but in exchange, you will be greeted with great vibes, a warm fuzzy feeling, and loads of laughter. 

Beginner Magic Truffle Shop

If you never tried magic truffles before order Mexicana or Atlantis magic truffles. If you tried other psychedelics but this is your first magic truffle trip, try Dragon's Dynamite. 


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